Elemental Brass combines instrument fabrication expertise , years of professional performance experience, as well as an artistic vision to offer several models of quality custom horns of the highest caliber. Our horns consistently play with unmatched evenness of tone, depth of sound, projection, and quality intonation, and can be customized to uniquely suit any horn player in even the most demanding of performance scenarios.

EB Gough Custom Horn - $12,500

  • EBR Nickel silver leadpipe (Our most responsive and full-sounding pipe)

  • Nickel silver slide receivers and legs for longevity of performance and a perfect aesthetic appearance

  • .470” Bore construction throughout

  • Medium hand-hammered bell throat and flare

  • Strategically annealed bracing and acoustic bracing throughout

  • Hand-fit and lapped rotors

  • Hand-engraved bell throat

  • Fully adjustable pinky hook and thumb lever

  • 2 Water keys

  • Twist-resistant bell brace (An Elemental Brass innovation)

Variations Available:

  • Yellow Brass Construction

  • Traditional Geyer Style (Long Solder Beads)

  • Leadpipe Material (Nickel silver, yellow brass, gold brass)

  • Fully Engraved Valve Caps (+ $325)

  • Hand crutch (+ $65)

If you are interested in trying a horn, discussing a custom project or design, or reserving a spot on our production waitlist please feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation.