All engraving on Elemental Brass products is produced through the process of wriggle cutting and bright cutting. At no point are lasers or machines involved in automating the engraving process. It is the belief of Elemental Brass that just as the music we produce is an extension of our artistic style, so too should every detail of a hand-made horn be an expression of a craftsman’s capabilities and unique personality. It is our opinion that laser engraved products, while impressive and expedient, ultimately lack this quality. John has apprenticed with Master engraver Chris Malouf and carries his unique and masterful style through the engravings for his horns.

Custom Engraving

Valve caps are available in one engraving pattern and can be offered in nickel or gold plate (at an additional cost). Horn bells come with a standard hand engraving of our emblem, which can also be expanded at cost of $100/hour.