Custom Pipes Available in Yellow Brass, Gold Brass, Nickel Silver (+20% for Nickel Silver)

Nothing can immediately the playing quality of a horn like a professional hand-made leadpipe. With our wide selection of materials and mandrels from which to make your custom leadpipe, we can create a solution for almost any model of horn. Most hornists who choose one of our pipes do so in search of increased focus and projection, depth of sound, and evenness of tone throughout the horn. All Elemental Brass leadpipes are drawn on mandrels that have been machined and designed right in our shop and are then custom bent by hand to exactly fit your horn. These steps allow for increased control of the playability and the aesthetic quality of our products.

EB1 $595

  • Classic focused design (Somewhat resistant, with immediate response consistent tone throughout, and wide color palette)

EBR $650 (Our best-selling and most popular)

  • Similar to the original design but with a more open and glowing sound - $650

EBK $625

  • An efficient, focused core of sound for any Kruspe (8D) wrap horn. Customers will notice a more immediate response and ease of playing in the high register