Refurbished/Conversion Horns

Customized conversion horns are an excellent way for any student or professional player to get the performance quality of a full custom horn at an affordable cost. The conversion process uses the base and valve section of a factory horn and replaces the parts that give the instrument its tonal and intonation qualities (specifically the leadpipe, first branch, and bell) with professional quality parts. At Elemental Brass we also play test and adjust each horn with a high level of detail to bring out the best characteristics of each instrument.

We regularly produce conversion horns for sale. Additionally, if you are interested in requesting a conversion horn please contact us to set up a consultation to determine the best model and modifications for your needs. Elemental Brass will then find the base model horn desired and begin the fabrication process. When the horn is complete, you can come to the shop to have the horn custom fit to you!

Our Most Popular Conversions


Conn 6D/8D Double Horn Conversions

Customized Yamaha 667/671 Conversions

Yamaha 667/671 Double Horn Conversions